Effective Home Remedies For Gastritis

You probably have experienced this agonizing burning sensation in your abdominal area that leaves you feeling like there’s a fire inside your stomach causing extreme discomfort.

Personally, there were days when I thought I couldn’t carry on doing my daily life activities because of the inflammation in my stomach. Number one reason for me getting this symptom was because of my diet choices involving spicy food, carbonated drinks and other beverages.

What is gastritis?

Gastritis is an inflammation, irritation, or erosion of the lining of the stomach. It can occur suddenly (acute) or gradually (chronic).

Causes of Gastritis

There are many factors which lead to the irritation of our digestive system:

1.Excessive alcohol abuse

2.Excessive beverages like coffee

3.Foods or drinks excessively hot or cold

4.Certain use of medications like aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs like paracetamol

5.Bacterial infections like Helicobacter pylori infection which can ultimately lead to ulcers

6.Bile reflux


1.Burning or gnawing sensation in the stomach between meals or at night

2.Abdominal bloating and abdominal pain

3.Recurrent upset stomach

4.Loss of appetite



7.Black tarry stool due to ulceration of stomach lining

Here are 5 simple but amazing home remedies for Gastritis:

1.Follow an anti-inflammatory diet

Switching to a diet which will lessen the inflammation of the mucosal lining of your stomach is the first step to getting rid of gastritis.

Foods that trigger gas in your stomach such as these should be avoided or consumed in minimal :

  • gluten

  • acidic foods

  • dairy products

  • sugary foods

  • spicy foods

  • alcohol

  • processed foods

2.Coconut Water

Coconut water is not just regular water. It is filled with goodness of minerals and vitamins like vitamin B12 which is an effective anti-inflammatory nutrient. Coconut water helps in reducing acidity of stomach.

Although, tangy coconut water should not be taken as it will alleviate acid reflux.

Drink 2-3 glasses of coconut water a day.


Probiotics are tried and tested foods which help to improve digestion and encourage regular bowel movements. Probiotic supplements introduce good bacteria into your digestive tract, which may help stop the spread of H. pylori.

Eating foods that contain probiotics may also improve the symptoms of gastritis. These foods include:

  • yogurt

  • kimchi

  • kombucha

  • sauerkraut

  • Kefir

4. Chamomile tea

Owing to its high concentration of flavonoids and antioxidants, chamomile tea makes a quick remedy for a raging gastritis.

Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that may reduce the inflammation of the esophagus that is caused by stomach acid.

Put two to three tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers in 500 ml of boiled water. Let it brew for ten minutes, then strain and cool.

If you are short of chamomile flowers, infusion with chamomile tea bags can also do the job.


It is one of the fruits popular for curing upset stomach and diarrhea. Eating papaya encourages digestion, eases indigestion and helps with constipation. The magic is in the enzymes papain, a natural digestive enzyme that breaks up foods irritating the stomach and chymopapain, which help break down proteins and soothes the stomach by promoting a healthy acidic environment.