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9 Best Onion Oil for Hair Growth and Hair Fall Control

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Onion is more than just an ingredient in your delicious recipes and tearful preparation.Onion may be pungent but all of this is because of its rich content of sulfur.

Sulfur is often referred to as the "beauty mineral" because it is mainly concentrated in your skin,joints,hair and nails.Sulfur is unexpectedly the main driving force behind the production of collagen in your body.

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Everybody wants to step up their collagen game with various products and supplements available in the market today.But,what people are forgetting is to first step up on treating the root cause which is to get enough sulfur in your hair,skin or nails.

How does Onion help in Hair Growth?

According to 2002 study, the use of crude onion juice gave significantly higher results in hair re-growth and indicated that it can be used to treat Alopecia areata.

As mentioned above,sulfur helps in building collagen and contributes in strengthening your skin.Likewise, sulfur is also known to be significantly present in the keratin of your hair.Keratin is a protein that is vital in strengthening your nails and hair.Therefore,increasing your sulfur intake whether by diet or topical will indeed help in the long run.

9 Best Onion Oil for Hair Growth and Hair Fall Control

Here is a list of the 9 best onion oil for hair growth and hair fall control:

  1. Mama Earth Onion Oil for Hair Growth and Hair fall Control with Redensyl

Mama Earth onion oil contains onion oil seed (for promotion of blood supply to hair follicles),redensyl (against hair loss, and the best alternative to hair transplantation),bhringaraj oil (aids in blood circulation and as a natural conditioner for your tresses),almond oil (strengthen your hair, and are optimal for treating hair loss and damaged hair) and amla oil (promotes overall health of hair & scalp, and prevents premature greying).

Other features :

  • paraben and silicone free

  • reduces hairfall

  • promotes hair growth

  • suitable for all hair types

  • suitable for men and women of all ages

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2. Wow Skin Science Onion Black Seed Oil

This brilliant formula is known to prevent thinning of hair & stimulate hair growth. Excellent for checking hair loss and boosting hair regrowth and can be used as a muultipurpose oil for hair silkiness and scalp eruption.

Contains goodness of:

Onion Black Seed Oil,Almond Oil,Castor Oil,Jojoba oil,Coconut oil and Olive oil.

Other Features:

  • pure cold pressed oils

  • 100% free of hexane

  • free of mineral oil and silicone for holistic hair care.

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3. Newish Red Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth for Men & Women

The Newish Red Onion oil is an excellent red onion oil packed with the goodness of vitamin E,castor oil,neem oil,argon oil,coconut oil and sandalwood oil.Although,red onion is the key ingredients in this product.

It is the ultimate oil for hair growth and dandruff associated problems for both men and women.It is also suitable for all types of scalp.

Other features:

  • Cruelty free

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Paraben and SLS free

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4. Khadi Global Red Onion Anti Hair Loss & Hair Growth

Khadi Global is one of the premier brands producing quality natural skin and hair products.This Red onion oil is no exception and is loaded with anti-bacterial properties as well.

Khadi global onion oil contains onion, curry leaf & alkanet root which are traditionally used to encourage hair growth.It has properties that strengthen hair roots and help in keep your hair lustrous.It is also helps in moisturizing the scalp and nourishes the roots.

Other features:

  • Contains no sulfates

  • Paraben, sodium Chloride and gluten free

  • Suitable for all hair types and safe for color treated hair

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5. Oriental Botanics Red Onion Hair Oil

Oriental Botanics Onion Multipurpose Hair Oil contains natural vitamins, minerals, proteins, & antioxidants your hair needs to support a healthy shine you will definitely love to show off. Packed with well known oils like Onion Oil, Argan Oil, Ratan Jot, Macademia Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Rosehip Oil , it is known to be effective in moisturizing,nourishing and promoting hair growth.

Moroccan Argan Oil which is a key ingredient in this oil is known to be an excellent conditioner and very effective in maintaining dry and damaged hair.

Other features:

  • All Natural ingredients

  • Paraben,SLS and Cruelty Free

  • No sulfate and mineral oils

  • Hypo-allergenic

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6. Luxura Sciences Advanced Onion Hair Oil For Hair Growth

Luxura Sciences Advanced Onion oil is packed with nourishments such as vitamin E, vitamin C and Sulfur. By increasing blood flow to the scalp, this premium oil strengthens strands, replenishes split ends, and encourages all-natural hair growth. If you are looking for thinning hair solutions or if you want to revitalize your lustrous hair, the Advanced Onion oil treatment is right for you!

Not only does this advanced oil formula replenish your thin hair but also strengthens its roots.It is made of 100% natural ingredients and essential oils.

Other features:

  • No paraben,alcohol,mineral oil

  • No synthetic fragrance

  • Suitable for both men ans women and all hair types

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7. Origenz Onion Oil for Hair Growth

Origenz Onion oil is packed with excellent natural herbs providing moisture and nourishment to hair roots.Rich in natural vitamins & proteins, it encourages the strengthening and replenishment of dry and damaged hair follicles.

Origenz onion hair oil comes with pure natural ingredients and is suitable for all hair types looking for a great onion oil.It is also safe to use.

Other features:

  • Paraben free

  • Safe for color treated hair

  • Suitable for both men and women

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8. The Yogi Organic Onion Oil for Hair Growth

The Yogi Onion Oil is a perfect blend of goodness with value.It is great value for money as well as it has all the properties of a hair oil you want in one bottle.

It is known to be effective in damage control,hair thickening,anti-dandruff and anti-hair fall.The unique formula of this oil is such that it has essential oils like Red Onion, Bhringraj, Vitamin E, Rose Oil , Sandalwood Oil. Shea Butter. Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Sun Flower Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba oil , Extracts of Amla , Brahmi, Hibiscus.

This onion oil lends a long lasting healthy shine to hair when used regularly with its natural healing properties.

Other features:

  • 100% chemical free

  • Paraben and SLS free

  • GMO free

  • Cruelty free

  • Suitable for both men and women

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9. Positive Root Therapy + Advanced Onion Oil For Hair Growth

The POSITIVE Root Therapy+ Advanced Onion Oil is a powerful blend of essentials oils and salient herbs which are especially devised to enhance your total hair care experience. Onion Oil is a vital ingredient in this hair oil. This onion oil is known to have been extracted from the 'Bengalururose onions', originally called Gulabi eerulli, grown in lush green lands of Karnataka.

Other features:

  • Helps in Improving Hair Quality & Boosting Hair Growth

  • No Added Preservative, No Chemicals or Mineral Oils, Spill Free, Sturdy Packaging

  • Dermatologically Tested

  • Suitable for All Skin & Scalp Types

  • 100% Pure, Natural, Vegetarian & Hexane Free

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